• For companies – Mindful business – Group meditation classes in your office
  • For Privates – One-on-one meditation – Private classes in your office
  • For everyone – Package or single class customized to your needs
Mindful business classes

This classes are designed for companies. It includes group meditation classes in office context and participants learn how to:Micas7

  • sit for meditation: personalized adjustment of posture(s) and guidance on how to sit comfortably.
  • conscious movement and breathing practices (yoga postures and movements)
  • relax before meditation practice
  • shape a breath that is conducive to meditation
  • still the mind
  • create and establish a personal daily routine

The package includes:

  • in-person 60 minute group classes once a week during 8 weeks (total 8 classes)
  • a guided meditation (MP3) to practice in your working environment in between classes.
  • homework and email support as needed between classes.

Price: 1200 CHF (price per group)

One-on-One meditation package

This package is designed for individuals that would like to start to meditate on a regular basis but need the guidance and some support to start.

You will learn: how to sit, how to breath and how to manage thoughts in a systematic way. We will help you to establish your own home or office practice.

The package includes:

  • 5 classes in-person one-on-one of 60 minutes each
  • Free in-person one-on-one intake and assessment of needs (30 min)
  • Possibility to shape the package following needs: including yoga, breathing practices and deeper relaxation elements
  • Homework and follow up between classes
  • Two guided meditations

Price: 500 CHF (at yoga studio)

One-on-one Single Classes or customized packages

You can also book a single class or we can customize a package to better fit your needs. Please contact and express your needs.

Benefits of learning meditation
  • Meditation trains our attention and memory improving well-being and performance at work.
  • Meditators learn how to surf the wave of overwhelm increasing their resilience to stress. Through enhanced centering and attention to the processes of the mind a good meditator is able to discern the essential from the non-essential when several waves of unpleasant information unexpectedly flood in.
  • Meditation also gives us the tools to deal with conflicting emotions. Dealing not only with the conflicts rising within us but also conflicts among people.
  • Meditators also have a clearer and more joyful mindset.
Who can benefit?
  • Anyone wishing to train their attention and memory.
  • Anyone wishing to improve concentration and effectiveness at work and in their private life.
  • Anyone wishing to increase resilience to stress and improve capacity to deal with conflicts.
  • Anyone searching for greater clarity and joy in life.